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Red Dress: Red Top will be hosted at The Old Freeman Factory located at
2638 NW Wilson St. on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 and you are invited!
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To purchase tickets, click on either icon below:
either VIP (8 p.m. entry) or General Admission (9 p.m. entry).

A convenient shuttle service is provided for less than $10 round-trip and can be purchased along with your ticket.

Shuttle service passes may also be purchased at pick-up
(from Starky’s, Crush, Hotel Modera, Jupiter Hotel, Scandals) the day of
the event for $10 cash.
Please note: No change will be given; your change will be considered a donation to Red Dress PDX.


Our 2015 beneficiaries are Cascade AIDS Project and Our House.
These two nonprofits do amazing work for the community and on their behalf
we want to take a moment to thank you for your support.

For more information about these hardworking resources, click below:

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If you’re not already coming to the party,
you can still help us raise lots of money for charity!

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DJ Spotlight: Sappho

The latest installment of our DJ spotlight series focuses on DJ Sappho, who explains that, during her formative years “in the nerdery,” she was fed a steady diet of prog-rock and musical factoids. Her first rave was in Dallas circa 1991, with Deee-Lite as the showstoppers.

Learn more about her below. (Catch up with our first, second and third DJ spotlights here.) And lest we repeat ourselves, damn, get your tickets to the Red Top now!
DJ Sappho
1. DJ name:
2. Hometown/state: All ’round the country, I was a military kid
3. How long on the decks: 16 years
4. Your regular gigs around the city include: First Thursdays at Moloko (I play a themed set such as African boogie and funk from the 1970s and Pioneering Women in Electronic Music), First Fridays at Valentines, Second Fridays at Gold Dust Meridian with Montel Spinozza, Turnt Up! which is the Fourth Friday at Lovecraft, and Hard Yes which is a bimonthly after-party.
5. Biggest or most memorable gig yet: Every set I have played at my party Turnt Up! is very special to me because it is a true chance for me to play the really crazy stuff I am into. I actually have to say I feel exceptionally fortunate for every time I have had the opportunity to DJ to our community in the past two years!!! I am super lucky to live and play in such a great city.
6. How you describe your beats: Cosmic and Electric with a lot of feelings
7. What are you listening to?  Currently I am listening to pioneering women in electronic music such as Johanna Magdalena Beyer-Music of the Spheres from 1938, Daphne Oram-Tumblewashn from 1958 and such because I am preparing for a gig tonight where I will be featuring music by these synth witches. I always am seeking out new (to me) music to expand my sphere of understanding and challenge my ear.
8. Your favorite Red Dress moment: I have never been to a Red Dress Party but am really looking forward to everyone’s look, I love the freedom of personal expression.
9. Your favorite part of the carnival: I love the Fortune Teller, the future is an exciting prospect!
10. Which would you rather throw, knives or fire? Knives
11. Big Top Pee-Wee or American Horror Story: Freak Show? Big Top Pee-Wee (duh!)
12. What you plan to bring to the party, music or otherwise: I will be working with House of Ro Squared in having my look designed, I expect I will be definitely having quite a style to wear. Musically, I just want to bring the music that has a dancefloor of wild abandon.
13. Your advice for Red Top partygoers: Let’s have fun and have a good time.

DJ Spotlight: WildFire

Another week, another spotlight on one of the incredibly talented people on the decks for this year’s Red Dress Party. (Check out our first and second spotlights here.)

This time around we focus on DJ WildFire, an accomplished force around town who also brings you the popular Hot Flash “Inferno” events.

1. DJ name and real name: DJ WildFire / Jenn DavisDJ WildFire 1
2. Hometown/state: Portland, Oregon
3. How long on the decks: 20 years
4. Your regular gigs around the city include: Hot Flash “Inferno” and I bounce around from time to time.
5. Biggest or most memorable gig yet: Being a headliner at a Vancouver B.C. Pride event.
6. How you describe your beats: WildFire is my name for a reason, I can spread through all decades and genres when you want me to.
7. What are you listening to? I have a passion for vocal house but will listen to anything but country.
8. Your favorite Red Dress moment: I deejayed last year so I would have say watching everyone, male or female, rockin’ a red dress to all the talented DJs.
9. Your favorite part of the carnival: I look forward to people walking around on stilts.
10. Which would you rather throw, knives or fire? Fire
12. Your advice for Red Top partygoers: If you wear heals, caution for all the slippery floors. A good friend of mine broke her thumb last year.
13. Your website, FB page, etc. so people can find you: My business website is Or on Facebook… “D.j.Wildfire”

DJ Spotlight: Jakob Jay

This week’s DJ spotlight is Jakob Jay, a veteran on the decks who’s played opening sets for some of the music industry’s best DJs and producers, including DJ Nina Flowers, DJ Chris Cox and DJ Joe Gauthreaux.

Read on for more about him, and get your tickets for the May 16 event now.

FB_IMG_14242942582681. DJ Name: DJ Jakob Jay
2. Hometown/state: Albuquerque, NM, but proud to call Portland my home for eight and half years
3. How long on the decks? 17 years
4. Your regular gigs around the city include: CC Slaughters in Portland every Tuesday and Friday night
5. Most memorable gig yet? Spinning in Vancouver, B.C., for the Vatican leather fetish party
6. How would you describe your beats? House, Tribal, Electro, Progressive and dirtayy dancin’ beats.
7. What are you listening to? Where do I begin? I listen to anything from disco, deep house, trip hop, soul and everything in between.
8. Your favorite Red Dress moment? Playing an opening set for DJ Nina Flowers under the Hawthorne Bridge at Red Dress PDX (2013)
9. What’s your favorite part of the carnival? Definitely the freak show, ’cause you know I’m a freak
10. What do you plan to bring to the party? Good vibes and lots of sexy booty shaking music
11. Your advice for Red Top partygoers: Make the most of the night cause this only happens once a year, so let’s party, ladies!
12. Your Facebook page so people can find you:

Red Top Entertainment Announced!

VIP partygoers, prepare yourself for Brittany Walsh.

VIP partygoers, prepare yourselves for the awe-inspiring Brittany Walsh.

Along with the whopping six DJs already announced — check out our first spotlight, Roy G Biv, here — for the grand party that is Red Dress 2015, we’re thrilled to reveal the lineup for the night’s other entertainment.

And hot damn, there’s a ton of it.

VIP ticket holders will enjoy the three-ring stylings of Captain Dingo and Co. – including Shanty Mistress Greta and Quartermaster Biscuit. 


PDX Yar fires it up




The pyrotechnic wizards of PDX Yar learned their craft in ports from Polynesia to Portland, with stops in Persia and possibly Penzance.

All that, plus the trippy light shows of Spades,

and the sublime balancing act of Brittany Walsh.




Spades will perform for VIP and GA partygoers

In addition, VIP and General Admission partygoers will also be treated to…

the talents of Captain Dingo and Co.,

the extraordinary feats of Spades, along with…

Ladies and Gents, Melody Kay!

Ladies and Gents, Melody Kay!

enchantress Melody Kay,


and thrilling fire performer Peach, plus


Flamebuoyant Productions

the astounding spectacle of Flamebuoyant Productions,

and the amazing vaudevillian duo The Deadlurk Dollymops.

The comic clowning and death-defying antics of the Deadlurk Dollymops

The comic clowning and death-defying antics of the Deadlurk Dollymops

More details to come; click on the links above for more about our fearless performers.

In the meantime, if you don’t have your ticket yet, step right up, right now!



DJ Spotlight: Roy G Biv

Every week from now until May 16, we’ll focus on one of the six awesome DJs set to tingle our earholes and get us moving at Red Dress 2015.

Our first DJ spotlight is on Portland favorite and West Coast DJ, event promoter and organizer Roy G Biv. Read on for this more about this Red Top talent, who’s worked with everyone from Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa and Vockah Redu to JD Samson, Cakes Da Killa and Double Duchess.

And if you don’t have your tickets for this year’s Red Dress Party yet, get to it.

1. DJ name and reaRoy G Biv 1l name:
Roy G Biv / Katey Pants
2. Hometown/state: Los Angeles, CA
3. How long on the decks: 5 years
4. Your regular gigs around the city include: formerly known as Panty Raid and Control Top
5. Biggest or most memorable gig yet: Last year’s Pride DJjing with Rye Rye
6. How you describe your beats: Italian Disco
7. What are you listening to? Everything. When I am not in the club I only listen to whole albums from start to finish. When I am in the club my main inspiration is early ’80s underground disco.
8. Your favorite Red Dress moment: I am really looking forward to buying something that isn’t black clothing. I have never been and will be channeling my best Madonna’s “Material Girl” look.
9. Which would you rather throw, knives or fire? KNIVES
10. Big Top Pee-Wee or American Horror Story: Freak ShowPee-Wee for sure. Weird gay iconic art forever.
11. What you plan to bring to the party, music or otherwise: Femme Opulence
12. Your advice for Red Top partygoers: Bring a pair of flats because we are gonna go hard
13. Your website, FB page, etc. so people can find you: and

Silver Cloud Inn and Hotel Modera Offer Special Red Dress Rates

Two of the city’s best hotels have graciously offered up rooms at a discount for
Red Dress partygoers. Reserve a room now for May 16 to
pre-funk and recoup after the Red Top gala.

PrintDowntown’s Hotel Modera (515 SW Clay) will take 15% percent off your room rate, and you’ll receive a “day-after survival kit”! Simply use “reddress” in the promo code spot. (When buying your Red Dress ticket, you are encouraged to purchase shuttle service to and from the party — for less than $10 round-trip — as an added convenience.)

logoThe Silver Cloud Inn (2426 NW Vaughn), located just two blocks from the party venue, The Old Freeman Factory, is offering the following rates for Red Dress attendees:
King Guestroom                                                $149.00           Double Queen                                                    $159.00           Deluxe King                                                        $159.00
King Mini Suite                                                   $179.00
Call by April 23 to secure your room: 800-205-6939.  

And please join us in our thanks and support of
Red Dress Party sponsor, the Jupiter Hotel.
jupiter 1

Calling All Red Dress Volunteers!

The Red Dress Party could use your help — and you’ll receive General Admission to the event as a token of our appreciation! If you are interested in helping out with any of the needs below, please email us at

rdlogoVolunteer Job Descriptions
Drink Prep
– Duties will include assisting the bartenders with setting up their space, mixing drinks (as directed by RDP staff), carrying ice from storage to the bars, etc.
Food Prep – As food from donors is delivered it needs to be stored and prepped per the prep instructions posted in the food room. Food tables also need to be set and ready to receive food (napkins out, garbage cans by tables, etc.).
Food Replenishment – Patrolling the food tables and making sure that there is always food available in the VIP and general party spaces. Food must be handled according to it storage and service instructions provided in the food room.
Bar-Backs – Assist bartenders in each area with whatever they need. Typical duties include refilling the drink dispensers and bringing them ice, cups and napkins as needed.
Garbage Patrol – Patrolling the building to ensure that garbage cans are in convenient locations and are emptied when full. All garbage must be removed from the building and placed in the dumpster or recycling bins as appropriate.
Rover – Shadowing the event manager and running whatever errands she deems necessary. Possible duties include checking traffic flow at doors, overseeing volunteers while she is seeing to other duties, etc.
Clean-up and Street Clearing – After the party, all outside garbage must be cleaned up and all RDP items (benches, etc.) must be moved inside the building. Within the building all garbage, empty cups, plates, etc. need to be cleaned up and placed in the appropriate garbage/recycling receptacle.
Sunday Cleaning – Sweeping, clearing props (as directed by RDP staff), loading moving truck and general clean-up of all party spaces.

Shifts (times are approximate):
3:00pm – 7:00pm – Food pick-ups (need a car for this position), Rover.
7:00pm – 10:30pm – Pick-up/Garbage, Food Handlers, Bar-Backs and Rover.
10:30pm – 3am – Pick-up/Garbage, Food Handlers, Bar-Backs, Rover.

Many volunteers are needed.
This is where we could use the most help. We will be taking down any props we made and doing a very thorough cleaning of the building.
1:00pm – 5:00pm – Clean-up and tear down.

Email us at for more information. Thank you!

Red Dress 2015 DJs Announced!

DJs for web

One epic night, six DJs, all under the Red Top. You read right.

The talent on the decks has been announced for the 2015 Red Dress Party,
happening May 16 at the Old Freeman Factory. We’ll be spotlighting each turntable maestro in the weeks to come, but in the meantime, here’s the lineup,
with links to learn — and listen — more. Get your ticket to the party now!

DJ Sappho
DJ Wildfire
DJ Jakob Jay
DJ RoyGBiv
DJ Huf’n’Stuf
DJ Stormy Roxx