DJS & Entertainment

Red Dress PDX is proud to display art from David Delamare’s Alice in Wonderland all evening in the “Eat Me Drink Me” Atrium-

VIP hour exclusive entertainment by: 


Production: Apex Horizon (a Zora Phoenix production company)
4 of the 5 performers this year brought you the Walking Red VIP entertainment last year! This year we welcome as our queen, Layne Fawkes:

Layne Fawkes is an internationally traveled performer based out of Portland, Oregon. She is an accomplished singer, actress, writer, and model. Most recently she successfully wrote/produced/starred in her one woman show, Therapy. Though she is known for acts that tap into the dark and disturbing, which earned her the tagline “Mistress of Mournography”, her performance style is versatile and ever changing. With a strong theatrical background and being a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy she aims to tell stories through her performance and aims to
out do herself every single time.

Angelique DeVil is an international, award winning burlesque performer known for her unique choreography and dynamic stage presence. She has performed at numberous critically acclaimed festivals and events such as the Burlesque Hall of Fame, New Orleans Burlesque Festival, Ink & Iron, Milan Burlesque Festival, Steamposium, Tease O’Rama, Carribean Burlesque Festival, Nude Nites and many, many more. Known for putting the “popnlock in the bumpngrind” Angelique has most recently been recognized for being one of the lead roles in the burlesque documentary “Glitter Tribe”. This is Angelique’s 3rd year performing for Red Dress and she is honored to be part of such an important and fabulous project.

Mister Phoenix is a Portlandbased multifaceted personality and since 2009, a burlesque production powerhouse, producing two monthly burlesque shows, a bimonthly burlesque thematic revue; all with the goal of bringing incredible burlesque to Bridgetown with an emphasis on the diversity and variety in the art of striptease. True to his moniker, after 15 years of gender illusion Mr Phoenix has been rebirthed as he embraces his mother’s Gemini side and his own Virgo need to do everything… he is now a boylesque stripteaser, as well as one of the PNW’s beloved gender illusionists for over well decade. In addition, he is the Executive Director of the Rose City School of Burlesque, as well as founder and
webmaster of He is the ‘gentleman stripper’: vocalist, humorist, ecdysiast…He does #AllTheThings.

Jaxin Yoff, Portland’s very own sassy, emotive burlesque sensation; feeding the PNW handfuls of glitter with a onetwo
shake, a glove pull here, and a pant rip there! Give him a chance to explore the stage and unwrap your mind both the dark and lightest parts of it. Jaxin Yoff is brings dark & broody, sexy & moody… all with a dash of sass and humor! Member of
Cocked & Loaded, touring member of the Caravan of GLAM, and traveling/performing with HUMP Film Festival this summer, Jaxin Yoff brings his striptease to the stage and asks, “wouldn’t you like to get Yoff?”

Romeo Bedwell is one of the Pacific Northwest’s very own. He is a founder of the male burlesque group Cocked & Loaded, Winner of Oregon Burlesque Festival’s award for Best Manlesque, and a cast member for traveling productions Caravan of Glam, Pee Wee’s Burlesquehouse, and more. Romeo always likes to bring something fun and unique.
Whether it is funny, sexy, or just downright strange, you never want to miss this charming teaser.

General admission welcome entertainment by: LRSD_carousel_2015

The Last Regiment is one of the few remaining active syncopated drum corps. It was formed in September 1998 by Greg Odell in the hopes of continuing a style of drumming that incorporates both military style rudiments with “street beat” rhythms borne out of Long Beach, California.

Red Dress 2017 DJ LINE-UP

Two Buildings, Two Rooms, 8 MASSIVE Sounds-

Performing in Building Two(Smaller Room):

James Cerne began playing music in Boston at a messy gay disco party
called Foxy. 5 years ago he moved to LA and has been having the time
of his life throwing parties playing music and marinating in the
nightlife there and all over the country. He has been heard at Queen
Kong, Bears in Space Summertramp, Big Fat Grunt, Shits & Giggles,
Ostbanhoff, Pink Sabbath, Cafeteria and virtually every other place
where queer Los Angelenos gather to dance.

An Influential DJ and promoter since before he was legally allowed to enter clubs. Victor Rodriguez has been a part of building the LA club scene the late 80’s and early 90’s through his association with
such legendary clubs as White Chocolate, Plastic Passion, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. In the late 90’s he teamed up with Billy Erb in bringing the legendary NYC party “Beige” to Los Angeles. It was a huge
success that lasted 11 years and set a new standard in nightlife.
Through his collaboration with DJ Chris Bowen in 2008 under the Critter Control collective, they helped established a re-birth of downtown LA queer club culture with their party “Shits & Giggles”. And more recently with their other parties Cub Scout, Bears in Space and Pitch Black City they have showcased such talents as DJ Harvey, Dr Dunks, Lovefingers, Andy Butler, Pat Mahoney, Horse Meat Disco, Daniel Wang, Tim Sweeney, Permanent Vacation, Cole Medina, Sleazy McQueen, Honey Sound System, Split Sec, among many others. The parties have received wide critical success. He has also shared billing with the likes of Benoit and Sergio, Dead Rose Music Company, Tone of Arc and
Maxxi Soundsystem, Carry Nation, to name a few.

His current monthly residences include, Cub Scout, Bears in Space, Pitch Black City and Father Figure. Along with Monthly spots at the Eagle, Faultline Akbar and Mattachine

His private clients events have taken him all over the globe to DJ amazing parties for personalities such as Elton John, Anna Wintour, Madonna. He has also played for companies like, New Zealand Pride Foundation, Paramount, Jaguar / Land Rover, MOCA. With residencies at The W Vieques, The Ace Palm Springs and the Standard in LA .

His versatility and ability to set mood with his wide collection and
knowledge of music, has proved his ability to remain relevant in our
ever-changing climate.

Sappho is a music selector and soul reflector. Forever searching for music to contribute to the soundtrack of the cosmic travels of nightlife, she relentlessly researches, expands on a narrative and exposes the listener to music they may have never heard but love.
Residencies include NoFOMO in Portland, OR and Bottom Forty in
Seattle, WA plus she hosts Misplaced Keys, a biweekly radio show on

StormyRoxx has been DJing and promoting events for about 2 decades. He is a deep lover of music and how it affects us physically,
emotionally, and spiritually. This impact has a profound influence
how we relate socially, culturally and politically. StormyRoxx strives to curate exquisite soundscapes featuring compelling works from contemporary artists, as well as pioneering artists from the past. The resulting sound is unique, dramatic, playful, psychedelic, sexual, cosmic and engaging. StormyRoxx DJs and promotes for regular monthlies “NoFOMO”, and “Walk the Night”, plus several other annual events including Portland’s own Red Dress Party,  Gays Hate Techno, Tectonic’s SHiFT Festival and Burning Man.

Performing in Building One (Big Room):

Troubled Youth is a DJ based in Portland, Oregon.
They are members of Bridge Club
collective and
throw a monthly party, Judy on Duty, and 
a weekly party, ‘Ladies Night’. They have played with Kaytranada, Asmara, Eli Escobar, Discwoman, Shaun J Wright, Alinka, and Natasha Kmeto.

DJ Jacob Jay

In loving memory and gratitude of our sweet Jakob Jay. You may not be with us in physical body at this year’s Red Dress, but you are in our hearts. We know that somewhere you are spinning out the sickest of beats at a party that will never have to end. We will carry the memory of your radiant smile with us to warm our hearts when we are down and lift our spirits when the going gets tough. Thank you Jakob.

Mienne has been involved with Portland’s dance culture for over a
decade. She has always been a performance artist; initially as a
belly dancer, her natural sense of movement and rhythm translated
gracefully into her journey as a DJ. Her Libran love of balance (and variety!) makes her uniquely adept at setting a sonic scene that elicits
journeys across desert tundra, through the expansiveness of space,
and SPLAT onto a jiggling subwoofer. With her strong commitment to forwarding local dance culture she is found involved in numerous productions in Portland and has curated
her own events. She is a proud part of Tectonic and one of Fun Luv’n’s resident DJ’s.

Cake Fvcker…
Effortlessly gliding through  multiple genres of highly danceable
music, Cake Fvcker has played massive festivals like Burning Man and major Northwest events like Red Dress, Glow Job, Summerween, and
Love Phenomenon, He has opened for Dj Dan, Donald Glaude, Late Night
Alumni, Drums on Acid, The Funk Hunters, Disco Fries, and more. he
is affiliated with the popular Burning Man camp “Slut Garden”.